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Here at Old Brick Barn Ranch we believe that the quality of the food we raise depends on the quality of the soil on which it is grown or raised. We believe that if we have healthy soil it will provide clean air, clean water, healthy plants, healthy animals and healthy people. Our soils are much more alive than they once were. Soils with life produce food with higher vitamins and minerals which is passed on to humans. These soils are able to store carbon and water which has a huge impact on the planet. 


To provide delicious, healthy, nutritional food for your family and ours. 


On our farm we implement regenerative agriculture practices where we use holistic management on our ranch.

Keeping a living root in our soil year around and keeping soil covered.

Our farm is managed to express a large diverse group of grasses, clover and forbes ,a diet livestock need to be healthy  and enjoy.

We do not use any synthetic fertilizer,herbicides,or pesticides,which provides us a safe and healthy products. 

We move our animals daily which eliminates overgrazing and allows for an even nutrient distribution. 

Our animals are raised without the use antibiotics and growth hormones

We use a local family owned state inspected butcher to process our animals where every meat cut is hand cut and vacuum sealed packaged by a professional butcher.

Every box is packed by your farmer to ensure that your product will be packed correctly to ensure it remains frozen for shipping

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee if for whatever reason you are left unsatisfied contact us and we will arrange a refund


We Shelton and Bertha own and operate a 300 acre ranch. We found demand to for locally produced grass fed beef and lamb and pasture raised chicken and pork, and wanted to reach out to people searching for healthy foods. We graze our cattle and sheep from birth and never receive any grain, antibiotics or growth hormones. Our chickens and pigs are pasture raised and are supplemented with non-GMO grain. Our livestock spend their days eating green grass roaming the pastures and laying in the sunshine. They are all finished on our farm. We love raising animals the way nature intended and being faithful stewards of the land. We enjoy seeing the land improve every year and are focused on leaving it in better condition then found it for future generations. We have seen animals raised this way  has healing power and is the healthiest choice for our family as well as yours.


Shelton and Bertha along with the 5 kids, ages 2-14, run the farm and do the work themselves daily. Moving cattle and sheep, tending chickens and pigs, there is always something to do. As a family we fill out orders and make sure every thing is packed ,iced and labeled correctly so you receive your meat with 100% satisfaction.

Have more guestions?

Email us at theoldbrickbarnranch@gmail.com or give us a call 660 216 3697

Get to know your farmer today it is the only way you will know what your food really is.

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